As J.K.Rowling has confirmed in many interviews, there are some considerable similarities between the Nazi regime and the reign of terror of “He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named” (but we mention him, because we’re fearless Muggles).
First of all, since they were born, both of them were misunderstood. On one hand, the little Adolf never established a real affective relationship with his family and, on the other hand, the little Tom Riddle (Lord Voldemort) never had the chance to build up some emotional bond with his parents, because he grew up in an orphanage.
They had two different and distinct school careers: Hitler’s school performances became worse over the years, so that he failed twice during the years of compulsory education and he didn’t succeeded in being admitted to the Academy of fine Arts of Vienna. In short, who would expected that a man like Hitler had such a bad story behind his back?
Contrariwise , Voldemort showed almost immediately his inclination for magic and, from the very beginning of his career, he became one of Hogwarts’ top students, so that he joined the elite wizard clubs and even his competences in magic improved. So, who would expected that a man like Voldemort had such an incredibly good story behind his back?
Moving on, these two characters have other aspects in common.
Both of them gained the power through deception; Hitler by the Reichstag fire and Voldemort by taking over the Ministry of Magic. Voldemort and Hitler used fear, terror and dread of a specific minority of the population to their own advantage: the Aryan race for Hitler and the Pure-bloods for Voldemort. They easily managed to trick these two declining groups, terrifying them with the fear of difference, the anxiety of infection and the idea of defense. The enemy identification was absolutely necessary in order to protect the descendants and the pure blood race; the enemy had finally a name: the Jews and the Muggles.
Voldemort and Hitler have isolated the two impure races but, at the same time, they took advantage of them in this situation, until, beyond hatred, the final chapter: elimination.
They had different types of weapons at their disposal (thank God, Hitler did not know the power of magic…) but the modus operandi was exactly the same: undisputed racism. It’s curious that both of them were half-blood, in spite of the fact that they persecuted impure races, which didn’t correspond to their ideal canons. Hitler wanted to establish a world of Aryan people: tall, blond, with blue eyes, without Jews on the way, contaminating the landscape, but unfortunately Hitler himself was short, thickset, with brown eyes and, according to some recent studies, it seems that his family had Jewish origins (I think that he wasn’t aware of this though, because he could look at himself in the mirror each morning without feeling guilty, but he couldn’t bear the disgust if he had known that Jewish blood flowed in his veins).
Voldemort, instead, spent his entire life exterminating Muggles, Muggles things, people who knew a Muggle, people whose great-great-great-great-uncle was a Muggle and so on. His main purpose was to clean up the wizard’s world from the dirty half-blood Muggles, however he was one of them. So I agree that Voldemort suffered from personality disorders.
When Hitler and Voldemort took power, they surrounded themselves with loyal allies, fellows and personal guards: the Shutzstaffel (SS) for Hitler and the Death Eaters for the most know no-nose man.
The soldiers of these two armies had different symbols on their skin, for practical reasons and identification. Voldemort and Hitler used symbols which once were associated with peaceful ideas: originally the swastika was a simple Sanskrit symbol and the Death Hallow symbol was a good omen charm, but then, according to wizards, it was an evil symbol.
Both of them had a real passion (almost an obsession) for untouchable and precious objects: Voldemort for the Horcruxes and Hitler for all the pieces of his private collection. It’s interesting to notice that for a long time Lord Voldemort yearned for the Elder Wand, also called the Wand of Destiny, which was considered the most powerful magic wand of the world, while in his private collection Hitler had the so called Holy Lance, or Lance of Destiny (by which Jesus Christ was pierced on the cross). It is said that who owned the Holy Lance could benefit from its esoteric powers in order to win the battles in which they were involved.
In conclusion, we can just sigh with relief for not having these two characters (a real one and an imaginary one) living at the same time. Some simple errors and an excessive desire for power caused the fall of Voldemort and Hitler, but who knows what would have happened if Lord Voldemort had at his disposal tanks or atomic bombs or, maybe even worse, if Adolf Hitler had a magic wand in his hands.


Traduzione di Federica Marino, revisione a cura di Giulia Bobba
Articolo originale di Veronica Repetti


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Immagine presa da LegaNerd


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